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Sergei Magnitsky

New York (RichTVX.com) —

According to recent revelations, it appears that the prosecutor who is seeking a 25-year sentence for Vladimir Kara-Murza, a political prisoner in Russia, is the same individual who was responsible for the unlawful detention of Sergei Magnitsky. These developments provide further evidence of the rise of fascism within Russia’s justice system. The prosecution’s apparent disregard for the serious health concerns of Mr. Kara-Murza is highly alarming, and their demand for such an extended sentence is indicative of a severe lack of humanity. The fact that the individuals responsible for this decision believe that they have all the time in the world at their disposal only reinforces their disdain for due process and justice. It is worth noting that the individual in question, Loktionov, has a track record of unlawful incarceration, having previously been implicated in Mr. Magnitsky’s detention. As Mr. Kara-Murza prepares to deliver his final statement on Monday, the world watches with bated breath for the verdict in this case.

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