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Milorad Dodik, a Ruthless Dictator, Faces Immediate Arrest – Bosnia to Join Nato & EU

Date: 2019-09-04 13:24:43


Bosnia to join NATO but also EU, but one entity to be dissolved first.

The end of Milorad Dodik’s Dictatorship is coming closer and closer.

Milorad Dodik is known as the dictator who “ruined” Republika Srpska. Dodik’s policies led to exodus of young Serbs and crumbling infrastructure.

According to sources in Brussels, the EU and U.S. are coordinating their actions against Milorad Dodik. They want to see Republika Srpskas “dictator” Milorad Dodik brought to justice.

Milorad Dodik´s greed to retain power resulted in corruption and illegitimate elections, even he spouted Bolshevik clichés and offered pay raises and other sops to the people in Republika Srpska.

Milorad Dodik has decided to remain in power indefinitely, but the cornered dictator is left with nowhere to run. The EU and U.S. plan to arrest Dodik and to take him to a specially prepared cell for questioning over ‘his crimes in office.’

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